Prof. Dr. Youssef Ben Hatit D.M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.


President and Founder of the European Laser Academy (1994-now).

President and Founder of the European Laser Study Club (1990-now).

Director of a postgraduate laser course.

Owner and CEO of the Medical Laser Center, practicioner as a Laser Oral Surgeon (1997-2011).



  • Doctorate (Ph.D.)
    University of Reims, France
    Postgraduate certificate of Science in Laser-therapy in Dental Surgery.
  • Doctor in Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)


  • Certificate of the American Academy of Continuing Medical Education
  • Certificate from the GCC League of Dermatology, the Dermatology Society, EMA and the Department of Health and Medical Services.
    6th International GCC Dermatology Conference, Dubai, UAE. November 10-12, 2001.
  • Certificate of Dermatonie, CFK Concept, France. November 1999.
  • Certificate of Competence in Medical Laser Therapy.
  • Certificate of Laser seminar attendance, Laser Therapy.
  • Certificate of Laser Therapy, Switzerland Medical Association.

International Symposiums & Congresses organized

  • 1st International Congress of Soft Laser in Medicine. Nicosia, Cyprus. February 1987. Organizer and Chairman.
  • 4th International Congress of Laser in Medicine and Surgery. Cran-Montana, Switzerland. February 1988. Co-Chairman.
  • 1st International Symposium of Laser in Medicine of the European Laser Academy. Luxembourg. June 1996. Organizer and Chairman.
  • Shanghai International Conference on Laser in Medicine and Surgery. Shanghai, China. November 1997. Co-Chairman.
  • 12th International YAG Laser Symposium, Beijing International Congress on Laser Surgery and Medicine. China. October 26-29, 2011. Member of the International Advisory Committee and Invited Speaker.

Honors received

  • Honorary member of Laser-Therapy Swiss Medical Association, Geneva, Switzerland (since April 1989).
  • Certificate of Appreciation, 1st International LASER Congress, FUTURE 98 BRASIL (June 1998).
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Third Dental Seminar of Brazil (October 1998).
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Sao Paulo Dental Association, Brazil, 4th International Symposium of LASER (November 1998).
  • Senior Consultant of CHBC (Chongqing Huading Modern Biopharmaceutics, Co. Ltd), China (since October 2001).

Scientific positions in boards and panels

  • Member of the International Editorial Board, LASER THERAPY journal, an international journal for Laser Surgery, Phototherapy & Photobioactivation, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Co-Chairman of the Shanghai International Conference on Laser Medicine, Shanghai, China. November 1997.
  • Member of the Scientific Commitee of the 10th Congress of the Asian-Pacific Association for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the 2004 Shanghai International Conference on Laser Medicine and Surgery and the 15th Congress of the International YAG Laser Society, Shanghai, China. November 2004.
  • Member of the Internation Advisory Committe of the 12th Inernational YAG Laser Symposium, Beijing International Congress on Laser Surgery and Medicine, Beijing, China. October 2011.
  • President of the 1st International Symposium of the European Laser Academy, Luxembourg. June 1996.
  • Member of the International Organizing Committee of the 4th World Congress of the WALT (World Association for Laser Therapy), Japan. June 2002.

Scientific & Clinical Research performed

Full list of (over 25) publications available upon request.

  • Removal of Oral Hyperplasia using CO2 laser
    Published in the Official Journal of the European Medical Association, Lugarno, Switzerland, Vol 3, Number 1-2, December 1990.
  • The defocalised CO2 laser in the articular pathologies
    Medical Center, Brussels, 1993-1994. Published in LASER THERAPY: the International Journal of Low Level Laser Therapy & Photobiactivation, London, Tokyo, Vol 4, Number 4, December 1992.
  • The superpulsed CO2 laser in Dermatology: use of CO2 laser in skin surgery without anesthesia
    Published in MEDISEARCH, Brussels, Belgium, Number 79, 1994.
  • In Vivo study: The effect of a pulsed Nd:YAG laser on subgingival bacterial flora: Actinobacillus Actinomycetemcomitans, Bacteroides Forsythus, Porphyronomas Gingivalis and Treponoma Denticola. In vivo study on the Cementum.
    Published in Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery, New York, USA, Vol 14, Number 3, 1996.
  • Effect of pulsed Nd:YAG laser on the apical root dentin associated with hydroxyapatite
    Published in Chinese Journal of Laser Medicine & Surgery, Beijing, China, Vol 8, Number 3, August 1999.